For students and counselors

Resources, resources, resources: DUC has you covered! We have compiled a list of links, documents and videos for your professional development portfolio. All resources can be shared with your students, EXCEPT the Dutch Higher Education Counseling and Admission Facebook Group. This group is for counselors only. Scroll down to see the full listing of resources we’ve gathered for you.

Resource list

Study in the Netherlands - Official Website

Visit the official Study in the Netherlands website! As an independent, non-profit organization based in The Hague, Nuffic supports internationalization in higher education, research and professional education in the Netherlands and abroad, and helps improve access to higher education worldwide. On their website you can find an overview of all study programs in the Netherlands that are taught in English, details about the types of education available and many other topics of interest for prospective students.

DUC Nuggets

Learn about the DUC Members in short, 90 second video snapshots we call DUC Nuggets! Get a quick overview of who we are and what we offer before you decide which longer presentation you may want to watch!

DUC member presentations

Find out more about the DUC member institutions that interest you most by watching a more in-depth presentation about what to expect, programmes on offer and more.

DUC Roadmap to studying in the Netherlands

Researching about studying in the Netherlands requires organization and proactivity on behalf of students. DUC has put together a roadmap to help  you inventory all the important points about your programmes of interest, and how to apply to them. This is not an exhaustive, official list, but a tool to help guide you through your process. 

Clicking the link below will lead you to a folder which includes various printable versions of the roadmap, as well as the associated excel work-document for students.

Dutch Higher Education Counseling and Admission Facebook Group (for Counselor Only)

Join us on Facebook! In response to increasing need for counselors to have easy access to a community of Dutch higher education representatives, DUC members created the Dutch Higher Education Counseling and Admission group on Facebook in 2018 (known then as DRU). This group is not exclusive to DUC members, and DUC has made a conscious effort to include additional research universities and universities of applied science in the group. It is a place to ask questions, share information, highlight events and resources that DHEI’s have to offer. Membership is by request only, and membership questions must be answered prior to membership approval.

University Colleges in the Netherlands

Learn more about the University Colleges in the Netherlands. This brochure has been put together to be able to compare and contrast the different University Colleges. 

NACAC Guide to International Admissions

Read the Dutch chapter! The National Association of College and Admission Counselors is the leading professional membership organisation for the counseling and admission community. They create and offer a number of resources. Members of DRU have worked with NACAC to include a chapter on the Netherlands in the last 4 editions of the Guide to International Admissions. This publication is free, and updated yearly.

DUO Student Finance website

Find more information about tuition fees, student grants, tuition fee loans and diploma assessment.